Year of production: 2021
Table: 600 x 300 mm
Max. table motion: 630 x 320 mm
Table speed (m/sec): 3-20
Cross driving on wheel (mm): 0,02/grade 4/round
Speed of cross driving (mm/sec): with interruption 0-6, continuously 600
Vertical driving on wheel (mm): 0,01/grade 1,25/round
Speed of vertical driving (mm/sec): 360

Disc dimensions: Ø 300 x 30 x 76,2 mm
Spindle speed (60Hz): 1680 rpm
Spindle motor: 2,2 kW
Hydraulic motor: 2,2 kW
Pressure: 4 mpa
Oil tank capacity: 100 l
Machine dimensions: 1960×1480×1850 mm
X-axis driving: hydraulic
Y-axis driving: engine
Z-axis: engine
Machine weight: 1530 kg

Standard accessories:

  1. tool kit
  2. balancing pillar, balancing rod
  3. chuck wrench
  4. screwdriver
  5. balancing screws
  6. spanners
  7. Allen key
  8. stone puller (stone regulator)
  9. diamond regulator
  10. machine feet
  11. grinding wheel
  12. magnetic table
  13. 2-axis digital encoder system
  14. machine lights
  15. manual

PROMOTIONAL STARTING PRICE: 14.900,- EUR + VAT (including electromagnetic table, magnetic separator, additional chucks)

We provide 12 months guarantee for the machines as from the installation. CE certification: the machines have a work, accident and health qualification certified by the European Union.

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