Number of axis total 5
Longitudinal travel (X-axis) 885 mm
Transversal travel (y axis) 600 mm
Vertical travel (z axis) 600 mm
Pallets chanching device:
Automatic pallet change-unit (number of paletts) 20
number 20
Length 320 mm
Width 320 mm
Time of changing palets 50 sec
Transport weight 480 kg
Tool changer:
Number of tools 120
Tool diameter 80 mm
Diameter with free adjacent pockets 140 mm
Tool lenght 300/250 mm
Max. tool-weight 6 kg
Time of tool changing 6 sec
Spindle nose: HSK 63
Spindle speeds:
up to 18000 rpm
Feed range 1 – 90’000 mm/min
Rapid traverse: 90 m/min
Various accessories:
Tool changer:
Number of tools 120
Coolant system
Internal coolant supply 30 bar
Paper filter facility
Feeler Renishaw
Pallets chanching device: UPC 320
Pallets: number 20
Stabilisation coolant temperature

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