Welcome to CNC Hungaria Kft. homepage! Our company philosophy is: The main objective of our company is to provide the hungarian market with used CNC machine tools, and forward information to small and large companies, who want to buy  reliable CNC machine tools in good condition. Most of our machines come from Western Europe, and are sold with the co-operation of our reliable partners. As a result of the lively movement of the used machine market the products may be rapidly sold. We permanently update and refresh our homepage so that our customers can only find tools that are actually for sale. Please, visit our site regularly! If you have a special machine tool claim, please do not hesitate, CONTACT US ! If you would like to sell your machine, we can help you, CLICK HERE ! Main field of activities:

  • CNC machine tools sales
  • Help to organize the transport of CNC machine tools
  • Assistance with repairs